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Love Your Complexion!

You’ve got to love your complexion. Want to make it even better? By looking after your skin in very simple ways it will glow, it will be smooth and it will give you the confidence you deserve.

When we feel good about ourselves, life is just a hell of a lot easier. So, start your day with a glass of hot water and fresh lemon juice. This will kick your digestion into gear and give you a glow. the added Vitamin C is also a great boost for your immune system and whole body.

In the shower, give your face a gentle cleanse. Massage it in and relax. Apply your moisturizer and let it soak in before applying your make up. And remember, the better your skin – the less make up you need.

Sleep is important, and make sure to keep the pillowcase clean! Hair, dust, everything gets caught in that cotton so washing it every 2 or 3 nights is a very good idea.

Drinking water is such a used tip that it’s almost redundant. But that’s because it works. Fresh water, and aim for at least 2 liters a day. If that seems like a lot, build up to it. But you will notice a difference and soon it will be a habit, one that you don’t WANT to break!

Most of all, make sure you relax and take care of yourself as a whole. This will show in your complexion.

Want A Totally New Complexion??



Normally, if you are after a complete skin overhaul, you would have to spend a lot of money and time going to a professional therapist or dermatologist right? They can preform heavy skin peels or laser treatments, or give you a series of microdermabrasion treatments and luxurious facials.

All well and good. You could even go see a surgeon and get a facelift!! But it really is possible to get great results at home, in the privacy of your bathroom, in your own time.

The number of over the counter products these days is amazing, their ingredients are powerful and can make a huge difference in your skin. Look for specific aspects and you might be surprised that you don’t have to spend all the money and time getting a glowing face.

Even things like fairly strong chemical peels you can do at home now, as long as you follow the instructions and listen to your skin, you will be fine. Look after your skin with simple hydrating and protecting products. Even a simple coconut oil applied every night can do wonders.

By keeping your face clean and protected, you can ‘t go wrong. Everything else is really a bonus. At home microdermabrasion machines, strong peels, even skin lasers coming out!! (Although we’re not sure about that one!)

Take your time reviewing them all and experiment. Don’t get carried away though, as more really isn’t better when it comes to skin treatments. Decide on what your main concern is – antiaging, acne, pigmentation etc, and then you can focus on dealing with that. Whether it’s resurfacing or clearing pores.

For a great guide all about a peel that will give you instant results at home, see this page on

Lemon Juice And Skin

Lemon juice is a wonder ingredient for skin. With it’s natural bleaching and antiseptic properties this is one yellow fruit you want to keep stocked in the fruit bowl!

Use it to whiten and lighten uneven skin tone and marks, clear up acne, and help tighten your overall complexion. The above video is a great demonstration on how to use this simple juice.

It also smells great, so fresh and clean. It can sting remember, so stay away from any open cuts of exposed pimples, or you’ll be breathing fast for several seconds!

Another great use for lemon juice on your skin is to put a couple of squeezes into a spray mist bottle, along with some mineral water, and use it as a spritzer whenever you need a freshen up during the day.

And not only is it great on the surface of your face, but is also extremely beneficial taken internally. A glass of warm water with a fresh squeeze in the morning can wake you up better than a cup of coffee…. and spritzers in your regular water can make it that much more palatable.

Full of Vitamin C and other goodies, this is a total body health go-to.

Use it regularly, and you will see a difference!

Wind Down



To most people, the present financial condition in United State is not favorable enough. Therefore, in order to meet up with daily expenses or safe a little amount for emergent occurrences, it demands that you work hard and spend less. Moreover, to convince yourself and other people around you that you are working hard, it may require six to ten hours of professional or apprenticeship work, lasting for five to eight hours a day and five to seven days a week. This may even go on for months and years if you are absolutely indispensable.

But, if I may ask; after all the stress you subject yourself to; do you wind down at times? If yes, how and where do you wind down? If you choose a ‘NO’, why don’t you wind down? Or are you the type that wouldn’t like to skip one or two days because you cannot afford to let go of the profit for that day?

I understand you must work hard, especially if you are a family man or woman. But, your inability to relax may be a juggernaut speedily conveying you to ill-health. While working hard, you apply a lot of energy; you are likely to be tired or stressed out. When any of these keeps happening, it results in a change in the balance of hormones in your body, and causing a lot of damage to your health. You surely don’t want this to happen to you.

Having said that, I have two things I do and I am more than glad to share them with you. I won’t be recommending more than the two because, I don’t want to write on things I have not experienced.

1. Spa in Manhattan, New York: I know of many spa centers in USA, but limiting it down to my own experience and popular ranking, Dyanna spa is cool. It’s among the top ten in New York that have been serving people for more than 20 years. I have been using them for quite a long time because of affordability and quality of services. Dyanna spa offers various services such as body treatment, Brazilian wax, massage and other services to help you relax and look glamorous. Men or women, you will be able to relax your muscles by going through massage sessions. Like this, getting back to work, you are definitely a new person with lots of energy.

Here is the list of the services offered by Dyanna Spa

Brazilian wax for both men and women
Body treatment
Facial and anti aging treatment

If you are a woman searching for a place to have Brazilian waxing in Manhattan, give it a try at Dyanna Spa. You will be amazed!

The Best Acne System

Whether you suffer from cystic acne, or a few blemishes, the best approach is one that focuses on completely natural and holistic regimes, addressing the very core cause of the acne condition and allowing your body to heal from the inside out.

The skin really is like a mirror, and the condition on the surface is showing you what is happening inside. The reason why traditional acne remedies like medication, benzoyl peroxide and other one dimensional treatments don’t work is exactly that – they are one dimensional.

If you take your whole body and health into account – detoxing, cleansing, external skin care, supplements, to address the underlying concern, you can make a vast improvement.

For this reason, acne can be cured for good. You will see results in as little as 7days, but real, lasting, dramatic results will take a few weeks. Patience and commitment are required. But just remember that it is worth it as this system really has the power to change your life.

There is also a chapter on dealing with acne scars with natural processes to fade and prevent them.

The sooner you start the sooner you can be on your way to being acne free, forever. Not only will it clear your skin, but it will overhaul your entire health and improve your energy, vitality, and a bonus is you’ll loose weight and just look great!

Cure Cystic Acne For Good

Cystic acne is a severe condition of the skin, and how to treat cystic acne comes down to knowing what causes it and how to go about treating it. This condition manifests as large nodules, cysts and even boils.

As well as these symptoms sufferers have the usual pimples, blackheads and oily skin. It can be debilitating and people put up with it for years, trying all sorts of different treatments.

Genetic make up does have a role to play in the causation of cystic acne. In order to get it, there has to be a genetic tendency, that if triggered responds on the skin in this way. If you have cystic acne the endless quest for a treatment that actually cures it can be a nightmare.

Typical treatments like Vitamin A pills and anti biotics can work temporarily, but tend to do more harm than good. Plus, these throw the whole body out of balance and your health can end up suffering as a result. The stress that comes from having cystic acne alone is enough, add this added dimension of coping with side effects from these medications and it’s no wonder this condition can take over your life.

What to do about it?

It’s very important to see acne for what it is – a symptom of something wrong inside the body. If you can address and cure this problem, you will find the acne disappears on it’s own, and you can spend the rest of your life with clear skin.

Diet is perhaps one of the most important things you can get right. This includes plenty of fibre, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as adequate protein and good fats. But as well as getting enough of the good stuff, it’s also about not eating the bad stuff.

Dairy has been shown time and time again to have a direct effect on people’s skin. Sometimes cutting this out is all you will need to do to see dramatic improvements. Sugar does no good whatsoever so it goes without saying that this too should be eliminated. IT might be hard, but the results are worth it for your skin.

Adequate sleep, rest, exercise and fun are also important. This is about treating the whole body.

External skin care can make a difference to control the surface environment, but without getting the internal stuff right, it can’t do much good. Drink as much water as you can, take notice of you body, and you will see a difference in even the most severe forms of cystic acne.

See a naturopath for a detailed assessment of your particular situation, they are trained in knowing what to look for in the body and will help greatly to improve your skin.

How To Treat Cystic Acne


Get Clear Skin With Green Smoothies

We all know how important a healthy diet is to perfect, clear skin. Why? This balances our body and ensures our skin is supported with nutrients. Plenty of vegetables is the best way to get a glowing complexions, you really can’t go wrong. They are also very high in water content so provide a plump, beautiful complexion.

It’s also a lot easier said than done. The absolute best way is to utilise green smoothies. Put a whole lot of vegetables and fruit into a blender and enjoy! This is the number one most powerful way to get a huge amount of healthy vegetables to your diet. Your skin will thank you.

All you need is a simple blender. Choose some of your favorite vegetables, spinach, cucumber and pineapple is a great simple one. Add some fresh ginger for an extra healthy digestive system and a massive boost. Skin will clear, hair will shine, and you will even loose weight!

See this video for a great video and explanation:

Add this to a regime of plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise and you will well on your way to glowing, acne free, healthy skin. From the first day you will have more energy. Continue this for a week, and you won’t look back. You will develop your favorite recipe, which you can keep using, or mix things up!

What’s The Best Natural Cure For Acne?

Today we are going to look at the best natural method to cure acne, you can read a thorough review of it here, this will be an outline to get you started. It’s the best selling system for curing acne naturally and permanently, and we will see why it works shortly.

Acne is very common these days. And it’s no longer the bain of teenagers everywhere, more and more adults are developing it, sometimes in severe forms such as cystic and inflammatory. Acne can be debilitating and painful. Add the harsh medications available that are always pushed by doctors and dermatologists as the only solutions, and it’s no wonder our skins are suffering.

Take Accutane for example. This is a harsh medication that severely dries up the sebaceous glands in the skin. While this can help to lesson pimples and oil production, it also causes skin peeling, thinning, irritation and sensitivity. It also dries out the whole, leaving dry mouths and itchy limbs.

Antibiotics can be effective short term, but in the long run they wreck havoc with our immune systems and never address the underlying cause of acne that is the beginning of all problems.

And this is where a lot of conventional treatments go wrong – they neglect to this condition for what it is – a SYMPTOM, a sign something is wrong with the body. Until treatments address this, nothing will change for the better.

And that is where the Acne No More system comes in. This is a comprehensive guideline, set out well in a 230 page ebook, which explains the relation between our inner health and our skin. It takes a completely natural and holistic approach to addressing the underlying issue.

You can learn more about the necessity of this approach at

Using ways such as juice and water fasts, detoxes and stress relief, thousands of people have seen remarkable changes. Not only in their skin, but in their overall health and wellbeing, with increased energy and better sleeps, mental clarity and motivation.

Diet weighs heavy in this approach, as what we put into our bodies will eventually show on our skin it completely makes sense. By taking control of your acne condition you can finally have the clear skin you deserve. It may take a month or 2 to see results, but is well worth it. Your whole body will thank you for it.


Product Image









Skin Types – Is There Such A Thing?

Everyone has a skin ‘type’, and therefore should use specific products for that type for best results.”

The Promise:

Everyone’s skin can be fitted into a category as follows – dry, oily, sensitive, combination, normal.

We’re told we are born with this skin type and each one presents it’s on problems, and therefore needs it’s own specific skin care and products. Based on unclear questionnaires and/or a skin type ‘analysis’ performed by a skin therapist, you are recommended what products to use. Which you faithfully will continue to do so, as a skin type is a skin type…

The Truth:

You’ve no doubt got a type firmly in your mind of what your skin is. While it’s true we are born with our pore size, the claim this contributes to a life of pimples or parched skin, is slightly over-simplified.

I’ve seen people with large pores, which should be indicative of an oily skin so therefore use lots of stripping products, have constant dry skin. People with sensitive skin develop resistance  and supple skin later. And I’ve yet to decide what ‘normal’ skin is.

The is an over simplified standard, that also serves the skin care industry. Why make one moisturizer that would work for anybody, when you can make 5 different ones that are ‘musts’ each different skin types?

The truth is:  cleansers for ‘oily’ skin often strip the skin harshly, which has a counter productive effect of causing it to produce more oil. It’s a never ending cycle, often starting in the teenage years when everyone’s skin gets oilier to some extent due to hormones… And carried on with the assumption they were just born with an oily skin ‘type’.  Dealing with pimples and breakouts can last as a problem, as this constant stripping severely imbalances the skin. Oily skin moisturizers are often inadequate to not add to the thick feeling, which once again just causes the skin to produce more oil in order to up the lubrication and restore it’s balance.

Dry skin products, on the other hand, are usually nothing more than heavy emollients designed to plump up the top layer. While some people do produce less oil because of a smaller pore size- if the skin is balanced, it’s not a problem. ‘Dry’ skin often diagnosed here, is actually dehydrated skin, and anyone can get this – even those with a previous problem of oil.

As for sensitive skin, I believe this has more to do with environment and ‘inside’ reasons than any sort of inborn skin type. Certain laundry soaps can cause a person’s skin to become sensitized. Certain foods can cause reactions on the skin so it looses it’s natural resilient.


So, effectively we can summarize each skin type as more of a skin CONCERN:

Excess oil.




What to do?

Forget about buying specific products geared towards a skin type you may have allotted with years ago. Take a good look and think about your skin. Your main concern should dictate your approach.

It really all comes down to the underlying cause the is manifesting itself on your skin. Once this is addressed and dealt with, effectively everyone is capable of having ‘normal’ skin, no matter how bad the condition of it now may seem. We will be looking at this in particular in relation to acne in the next post.

Welcome To Perfect Skin Care…

Perfect Skin Care. Naturally


Welcome to Perfect Skin Care, where you can learn everything you need to know about treating your skin naturally and healthily. We will look at what products actually work, as well as ingredients that are worthwhile. We will also discuss treatments that are worth doing versus which ones are a complete waste of time.

Whether you suffer from acne, mild or severe (and this condition seems to be getting more and more common these days), pigmentation, dehydrated skin, blackheads, pimples, or sensitivity, you will find solutions here. We are all about real skin care and not about selling products or the latest miracle promise.

The most important thing in healthy skin is internal health.  This cannot be over estimated. When you get this aspect right, you will see remarkable improvements in your skin and overall energy levels. Your complexion will glow and any other issues you may have will be gone. We’ll look at how to go about this in detail.

It’s so important to look after skin – not only do we see it in the mirror everyday, but we literally live in it, so it’s comfort is vital. It also serves as an important protection from the elements, chemicals and irritations. So by ensuring it is as strong and healthy as possible, you are making sure it does it’s job to the best of it’s ability!

So, once again, we’re looking forward to having you here and providing some great information that you can use straight away, and see proper results = clear, healthy, happy skin!